Sunday, September 13, 2009

Copic Buzz Challenge #13

Time flies and Copic Buzz is on lucky 13 already. Can you believe it? I found some paper that I was dying to use for something, then I was checking out the Dew Drop Store and BAM! There was the perfect stamp. Butterfly Swirl. I'm sure I'll use her a lot more.

Skin: E000, E000, R20Hair: E47, E37, E47

Reds:R46, R27, R27, R43, R20

Blue/Green: BG75, BG72

Looking forward to my Copic Certification class this week. If you are in Minnesota and are interested in a class, let me know!

On a personal note: Things have been emotional at work. Our beloved officer is still fighting and it's been quite a rollar coaster. Caring Bridge sites for Brienne and Leland.
Our Law Enforcement family lost a member last week and another was physically and emotionally scared. Both were responding to a call when it happened. I wont get into the all of the details but it's been a rough week for all of us. Really reminds you to cherish those around you and not take anything for granted. Hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Somber Day.

There are things in life you just can't plan for. Naturally I would never have planned my second posting to be of sorrow and loss.
One of our beloved officers, Bri, gave birth to a brave baby boy, Leland. Leland was born with his bladder outside of his body. He has had surgery and is breathing on his own. Bri, however, has had many complicatons and has not regained consciousness since the C-section. This morning I walked into the communications center to find damp cheeks and red eyes. Overnight Bri took a turn for the worse. The hospital is currently filled with over 100 officers from St Paul, Stillwater, State Patrol and other agencies, in addition to close friends and family. It seems we are saying good bye.
The only way I can explain the relationship between the officers and the Dispatchers is to compare it to Doctors and Nurses. Both are a neccessary part of easch others job. Some get a long great and others, not so much. Bri is one of the great ones. When I worked over nights she frequently came in to dispatch to say hi. To laugh and sometimes gossip about calls and give us the dirt. Its small things like that that relieve a lot of the stress of the job. Knowing the offiers personally makes it easier in high stress situations. Knowing them, their voice and so on makes the job easier. You hear the distress in their voice before they tell you whats going on, you know how they do things and sometimes you can stay a step ahead of them.
The downside to this is that they are people. They are friends and family. When they hurt you hurt. This is hurting our family. The family of officers, fire fighters, EMS and Dispatchers. Even to those like me that weren't that close to her feel the pain.
Andy, Little Leland and family- You are in my thoughts.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Losing my Virginity...

Blogging virginity that is... I'm on Facebook, Paper Craft Planet and occassionally I check my Myspace... But This is my first actual blog posting.

I don't proclaim to be anything special, just me.

Speaking of just me... If you don't know me already or you do know me but I have not left enough of an impression, here's a big about me.

I am currently 27. I live in Hastings, MN which is just south of the Twin Cities. I live with my boyfriend, Shane, his 2 kids and my 15 year old pomerainian, Duster.

I am a 911 dispatcher. I answer both emergency and non emergency calls and dispatch law enforcemnt, fire, and EMS. I love my job but it can be obviously stressfull. I don't intend to speak much of work but if there is something you are curious about, feel free to ask. I just wish that you be respectful. I don't ask you about the worst day you've ever had at work please be as considerate.

I handle my stress well thanks to my amazing friends! I'm sure You'll hear about them and our adventures &/or misadventures in the future...

Much of what I will likely blog about will be my other de-stressor... Crafting. I've been a paper crafter for years. Stamping, card making, scrapbooking and anything else. I also don't leave the house with out my camera. I love all things creative!

With all that said I can't wait to see who's following and share more with you in the future.