Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge Plus Organization Sparks Motivation.

Not even close to being done with my craft room but it is coming along. In the mean time I've sworn that the only crafting I will do is for specific events, thank you's and birthdays that need to be given out immediately. As well as the Copic Buzz Challenges...
In going through one of 20+ boxes I found a projects I started 3 years ago and never finished. A cook book for one of my dearest friends Stefanie. The book itself was only half way done. I've ripped it apart and started over.
Copi Buzz Challenge this week was to create something other than a card with a cooking theme. I have gotten more done for this project in a shorter amount of time than anything else I have ever done. An old find that became new again was a kit from SEI that I tinkered with gently...I've thoroughly abused it today. I'm going to personalize it a bit more just for Stef but I'm pretty excited with how it came out. She's flying up from Texas for my Birthday in 2 weeks so I'm glad I will finally have her Recipes for her...Feel free to Share any Recipes or links for some that would be good to fill the box up with. Good night!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fridays for me!

I have a rotating schedule at work that is hard to follow... the to focus on is that it's my Friday! Off for 4 days. Things I plan to accomplish on my days off
Edit/Assemble my tutorial for prepping Pegboard for hanging, Take some "halfway there" photo's of my craft room, Make some recipe boxes as gifts and party it up with my Friends.
In the mean time I'm killing time by taking calls and checking on my favorite blogs.

Worth mentioning:

Gabby's Confessions of a Stamper. Gabby is one of the fabulous Bombshells at Bombshell Stamps. She's giving away blog candy today so be sure to hop over and check out the rest of the Bombshells as today is their blog hop.

My first posting as a team member with Crafty Storage. be sure to show your love :)

Back to work for me. I hope the rest of the week goes well for you all. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Planning, Piling, Purging, Purchasing, Patience...and a new Project?

I'm making steady progress in my "hobbie studio" but it seems as though it will never end. I am willing to take any and all advice if someone is willing to dish it out.
The space:
The basement of our split level is divided by an Ikea shelf. One half is the tv room with sleeper sofa for guests, the other is my craft room. I have curious kids that get into things and an aging dog that sleeps on anything on the floor. It must be neat, presentable, and functional. Right now we're lucky there is a path to the back door to let the dog out.
The problem:
I think it's important to aknowledge how it got this bad to ensure it never gets like this again. In my passed moves I've had help packing up. Never allow non-crafters pack crafty items. Everything has been thrown half hazardly into boxes with no rhyme nor reason. When we moved into our current home I started sorting it out right away... then we had company and my loving boyfriend (in a frantic attempt to tidy up) threw the half sorted piles into random boxes. I claim no innocence on my part either. I may just be the worlds worst (or best) procradstinator... thus requiring the haste help from my friends. I'm also lazy and easily distracted when involving crafting. You know what I'm talking about, you open another box to find that thing you had to get but never used... you don't want to get rid of it so you try it out to make sure you like it... 4 hours later you've created 3 half done cards, 1 complete card with no intended recipient, and a larger mess that you started with. But hey, at least you've rationalized keeping that had-to-have tool. I digress...
What to do about it?
I've been shopping for solutions online. Both tangible and ideological. In my findings I stumbled upon Crafty Storage. Blog created to share storage ideas. Just so happens Paula is looking for help with the blog. I am now contributing to the blog as well. So not only am I investiigating for myself, but I will be experimenting and blogging my findings. I hope to someday soon reveal the before and after pics... with enough time to enjoy the room before moving again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frigid day in Minnesnowta

UGH! Why must work always interfear with fun? lol. While my friends at Copic Buzz are having a blast with their online party I will be taking calls for vehicle lock outs, barking complaint (it's cold, dogs bark a lot when they want in!), and a few crazy calls mixed in. I'm greatful to have the job that I do, it's rewarding and keeps me on my toes. Factor in that I get to color with my Copics when it's not busy... makes a quiet day in the county worth while. Coloring along with peace of mind that people are staying in doors and safe. By the way, if you ever have questions about my job I am happy to answer.

Work in progress... Tonight I will be taking pics of the current condition of my craft room. It's sad that I had to clean up a bit (2 days) before I am willing to take the "Before" pics. I'm pretty excited to be focused on it. Even have help from my hunny. My new 12x12 paper fixture keeps getting in the way and moved, making it warp and fall apart. Shane to the rescue! He came in and fixed it right up for me. Securing it so that it doesn't give way to the shelves...AGAIN! As I continue to work on it I plan to share my do's and don'ts. Let me know if you have any requests as to what I could try. This is a joyous experiment for me! I'm making a trip to Walmart for more Jewel Cases for stamp/Nestability storage... anything else I should pick up for the room while I'm there?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I borrowed this from one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole, and I couldn't resist. I have added a bit but I think it's a fun way to reflect on the year ahead. What will we be contemplating this time next year?

One year from today, I hope to have:

Learned- to be more patient and tolerant. Especially with my boyfriend's 11 year old son. More patient both at work and in my craft room.

Taught- The kids how to cook like my mom did. How to embrace creativity and how to use it everyday.

Changed- The way I look at myself in the mirror. Emotionally and physically.

Figured out- a method for coping with PTSD and fighting it.

Completed- My craft room, aka "The ever changing chaotic abyss in the basement".

Stopped- Wasting. Wasting money, food, craft supplies/paper, time, energy.

Started- A business venture. Something that is all mine and creative in some way.

Acquired- Wisedom...and perhaps a new car. :)

Given up- Trying to please the people in my life that don't matter.

Given in- To love, completely.

Visited- My family back home. Especially my mother, who's health is not the best. Also, some place I've never been, even if it's in the same city.

Left behind- Regrets, they don't get you anywhere. Consider them lessons.

Tried- As many new things as I can. Food, methods, ventures, sports and anything else possible.

Failed- At anything that teaches me a lesson in doing so.

Read- The entire Twilight series.

Written- On my blog more than once a month and in a journal everyday.

Master- the ability to tidy up as I go and not leave a trail of clutter in my path.

Splurge- On a massage and the occassional mani/pedi.

Allocate- More time to creativity.

What are you hoping for in the year ahead? Reflecting on from the year gone by?
Happy New Year!