Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Injured Officers

A couple weeks ago we had a tough night at work. Thankfully I was at home sleeping and didn't have to go through it with my partners. Our K9 Deputies take their squad cars home because it's sort of like the K9's house. On his way to work he swerved to miss a cat and ended up rolling his squad. Both have been checked out and are ok. Sore but only minor injuries. He's got a pretty good sense of humor so everyone has been giving him a hard time about swerving for the cat. (in most cases you are better off hitting the animal than trying to avoid it, break but don't swerve is the advice I've been given). I made this card for him using a Victoria Case digi. I couldn't find a cat digi that worked so I drew my own. I didn't want it to be the main focus of the card so I snuck it on the back.

An hour after that deputy airing that he rolled his squad and he was injured, they sent officers to a Domestic call. I don't wish to comment much on this incident so I will simply link the news story. This is the Card I made for our Sergeant. He his home recovering with his family. His partners and dispatchers are all ok. There is no best case scenerio in these types of calls and everyone is affected. All I can do is thank him for keeping our city, and my officers safe. Here is the card I made for him.

Due to the stress of these incidents I neglected to mention that the first week of April was National Telecommunications week. A week devoted to recognizing Public Safety/911 Dispatchers all over the United States. It is never too late to send a thank you card to your local dispatch center for being there 24/7, 365 days a year and holidays, birthdays and family events to answer your calls for help. Remember, it only takes a second for a life to change.


Jana M. said...

These are fantastic, Christy!!!!

Judy Applegarth said...

Super job...I'm glad they are all doing well.

Jean said...

What a great site Christy!! Wish we chould have chatted more at the training in Minnetonka. I wanna learn more about these copic markers!

Christy said...

Thanks you. Jean you should really find us at I (heart) Copics at paper craft planet. Keep in touch! Maybe we can craft together sometime. :)

Louise said...

Hi Christy... just thought I would pop by and say Hi.
Great cards, glad the guys are ok. I have heard the brake but don't serve rule too, growing up in the country it is one of the first things you learn.... unless of course it is a cow or horse, then it is in Gods hands.
Keep well and stay in touch.