Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally Some Progress in my "Studio"


I sat down to make some cards and prep for some classes but I couldn't even find my desk let alone my paper cutter. I made some coffee and got right to work.

I had the pegboard prepped but I haven't been using it because I wanted to paint it. Heck with that, I'm now choosing function over form for the time being. I hauled it out of the closet and now it's just laying on the ledge. I can't believe the difference!
Just about everything else has been IKEA, Thrift store/garage sale or coupon purchases.

The white surface is a table thing from IKEA that is meant to go over a bed. I got it from the scratch/dent for cheap. It works to give me an L shaped area. Basic papers, box of cards I've made and my Carosel...Oh and my Laptop.

Copics (I need MORE!) are stored in a Close To My Heart organizer so that I can take them with me where ever I go. They like to travel.

This stand is from the Goodwill. $5 or so. Holds my Cuttlebug, Decrative Papers, scanner, and boxes for flowers, rhinestones and so on.

This metal bin is meant to hold legal size files. Works perfect with the paper holders. I group my papers by brand/theme. If I'm stuck I just grab a random holder and get to work on what ever I grabbed.
Still sooooo much work to be done but it feels great to have gotten this much done. I have several cards I would like to get done tonight yet so I'm off. I hope to share more on Friday! Thanks for checking in to see what I'm up to.


Judy Applegarth said...

Yeah! Looks really good and maybe you will be able to find everything!

Tracy V. said...

Just found your blog, super cute!! I love your idea to store the copics!
Tracy Valure