Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trying to get back in the game...

I don't know if anyone is still following my blog. It has been a couple years since I have posted anything. I have still been crafting I just haven't been sharing. Pinterest has grabbed hold of me and will not let me go! I have just committed to donating a basket of cards to a very good cause. One of the sergeants I work with has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His officers, friends and family are putting together a benefit to raise money for his treatments and his family. There will be a silent auction, a band and just an over all good time. I have 1 month to put this together so I thought I would turn my challenge into a blog assignment. I will be photographing the cards to create a flyer so people can see what the prize contains (rather than having them handle them and possibly damage them). What better way of motivating myself than to go public? I am open to all suggestions for cards to include. I will be keeping the insides blank for personal messages. I plan to have several thank you cards both feminine and masculine, birthdays for kids and adults, a few sympathy cards and some 'just because'...just because they are nice to have on hand. I may just include a few "Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire/Public safety cards as well since that's what my target audience consists of. *This basket is a prize, I am not selling the cards nor am I mass producing them. I will make no profit from this. It is a gift to the cause. With all of that said I will simply post some pictures of some of the cards I have recently made, because lets face it- what is a blog post with out a little something to look at?

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