Friday, July 1, 2011

You know that never ending craft room project???

When I began blogging I was trying to reorganize my craft space. Since then I have moved not once, but twice. That alone has it's perks and downfalls.
Perks of packing up and moving your craft room numerous times. Finding things you forgot you had. Getting rid of things you haven't used. Getting up close and personal with all the schtuff you've hoarded for years! Why did I buy that? What was I thinking? OMG! Shiney object!!!!
Downfall. Packing. Moving. Carrying. Hauling...And not being able to craft again until you can find it all.
I was in my apartment 6+ months and never finished setting up the new room. In a house now, new room was set up my 2nd week here. I am loving it!
Here's the "before". Just a boring empty corner in our unfinished basement.

After 2 days of independant hammering, sorting, assembling and being distracted by several shiney or sparkly objects...


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