Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge Plus Organization Sparks Motivation.

Not even close to being done with my craft room but it is coming along. In the mean time I've sworn that the only crafting I will do is for specific events, thank you's and birthdays that need to be given out immediately. As well as the Copic Buzz Challenges...
In going through one of 20+ boxes I found a projects I started 3 years ago and never finished. A cook book for one of my dearest friends Stefanie. The book itself was only half way done. I've ripped it apart and started over.
Copi Buzz Challenge this week was to create something other than a card with a cooking theme. I have gotten more done for this project in a shorter amount of time than anything else I have ever done. An old find that became new again was a kit from SEI that I tinkered with gently...I've thoroughly abused it today. I'm going to personalize it a bit more just for Stef but I'm pretty excited with how it came out. She's flying up from Texas for my Birthday in 2 weeks so I'm glad I will finally have her Recipes for her...Feel free to Share any Recipes or links for some that would be good to fill the box up with. Good night!


Stamping Seasons said...

Wow Christy, your box is amazing.

Barbara said...

Hey christy love this box great idea,and what the heck was that guy up on top talking about.LOL!!!Im glad your keeping up with your blog love to come see what you been up to.