Saturday, January 9, 2010

Planning, Piling, Purging, Purchasing, Patience...and a new Project?

I'm making steady progress in my "hobbie studio" but it seems as though it will never end. I am willing to take any and all advice if someone is willing to dish it out.
The space:
The basement of our split level is divided by an Ikea shelf. One half is the tv room with sleeper sofa for guests, the other is my craft room. I have curious kids that get into things and an aging dog that sleeps on anything on the floor. It must be neat, presentable, and functional. Right now we're lucky there is a path to the back door to let the dog out.
The problem:
I think it's important to aknowledge how it got this bad to ensure it never gets like this again. In my passed moves I've had help packing up. Never allow non-crafters pack crafty items. Everything has been thrown half hazardly into boxes with no rhyme nor reason. When we moved into our current home I started sorting it out right away... then we had company and my loving boyfriend (in a frantic attempt to tidy up) threw the half sorted piles into random boxes. I claim no innocence on my part either. I may just be the worlds worst (or best) procradstinator... thus requiring the haste help from my friends. I'm also lazy and easily distracted when involving crafting. You know what I'm talking about, you open another box to find that thing you had to get but never used... you don't want to get rid of it so you try it out to make sure you like it... 4 hours later you've created 3 half done cards, 1 complete card with no intended recipient, and a larger mess that you started with. But hey, at least you've rationalized keeping that had-to-have tool. I digress...
What to do about it?
I've been shopping for solutions online. Both tangible and ideological. In my findings I stumbled upon Crafty Storage. Blog created to share storage ideas. Just so happens Paula is looking for help with the blog. I am now contributing to the blog as well. So not only am I investiigating for myself, but I will be experimenting and blogging my findings. I hope to someday soon reveal the before and after pics... with enough time to enjoy the room before moving again.

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Danderella said...

Holy crap...I think were were separated at birth! I totally feel your pain about the mess, and the piles and making 3 half card, one for no one in particular and some cut up scraps to boot! Interested to hear how things are going with the whole organization thing.