Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frigid day in Minnesnowta

UGH! Why must work always interfear with fun? lol. While my friends at Copic Buzz are having a blast with their online party I will be taking calls for vehicle lock outs, barking complaint (it's cold, dogs bark a lot when they want in!), and a few crazy calls mixed in. I'm greatful to have the job that I do, it's rewarding and keeps me on my toes. Factor in that I get to color with my Copics when it's not busy... makes a quiet day in the county worth while. Coloring along with peace of mind that people are staying in doors and safe. By the way, if you ever have questions about my job I am happy to answer.

Work in progress... Tonight I will be taking pics of the current condition of my craft room. It's sad that I had to clean up a bit (2 days) before I am willing to take the "Before" pics. I'm pretty excited to be focused on it. Even have help from my hunny. My new 12x12 paper fixture keeps getting in the way and moved, making it warp and fall apart. Shane to the rescue! He came in and fixed it right up for me. Securing it so that it doesn't give way to the shelves...AGAIN! As I continue to work on it I plan to share my do's and don'ts. Let me know if you have any requests as to what I could try. This is a joyous experiment for me! I'm making a trip to Walmart for more Jewel Cases for stamp/Nestability storage... anything else I should pick up for the room while I'm there?

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