Saturday, January 2, 2010

I borrowed this from one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole, and I couldn't resist. I have added a bit but I think it's a fun way to reflect on the year ahead. What will we be contemplating this time next year?

One year from today, I hope to have:

Learned- to be more patient and tolerant. Especially with my boyfriend's 11 year old son. More patient both at work and in my craft room.

Taught- The kids how to cook like my mom did. How to embrace creativity and how to use it everyday.

Changed- The way I look at myself in the mirror. Emotionally and physically.

Figured out- a method for coping with PTSD and fighting it.

Completed- My craft room, aka "The ever changing chaotic abyss in the basement".

Stopped- Wasting. Wasting money, food, craft supplies/paper, time, energy.

Started- A business venture. Something that is all mine and creative in some way.

Acquired- Wisedom...and perhaps a new car. :)

Given up- Trying to please the people in my life that don't matter.

Given in- To love, completely.

Visited- My family back home. Especially my mother, who's health is not the best. Also, some place I've never been, even if it's in the same city.

Left behind- Regrets, they don't get you anywhere. Consider them lessons.

Tried- As many new things as I can. Food, methods, ventures, sports and anything else possible.

Failed- At anything that teaches me a lesson in doing so.

Read- The entire Twilight series.

Written- On my blog more than once a month and in a journal everyday.

Master- the ability to tidy up as I go and not leave a trail of clutter in my path.

Splurge- On a massage and the occassional mani/pedi.

Allocate- More time to creativity.

What are you hoping for in the year ahead? Reflecting on from the year gone by?
Happy New Year!

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