Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekend in Dallas, Texas.

Shane (bf) and I had enough of the gloomy, muddy and melty Minnesota weather, Not to mention that one of my best friends came up to celebrate my bday... We picked up and went to Texas for 2 days. It was a brief but wonderful trip. Stefanie planned some great things to cram into the 2 days. Day 1 included the 6th Floor Museum then the Bodies exibit. Both fascinating. We did some sight seeing then had a great dinner. Day 2 was the Dallas St Patty's Day Parade. We got a ton of beads... and get your mind out of the gutter... we didn't earn them that way! :) It was innocent I swear. Not saying a few guys didn't try to get a show but we behaved. Here's just a few pics to share in the Spirit of St Patty's Day...

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